PLUSpoints. 400 Years of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

Welcome to the virtual portal for more information on topics covered in our anniversary exhibition in the DomQuartier in 2022!

The University of Salzburg was founded 400 years ago, a time defined by the momentum of the Baroque. Over the next few decades, the institution’s influence had already expanded beyond country borders. Major political, artistic and cultural figures from history have passed through its halls, and have gone on to achieve the top ranks in science and the arts.

Life skills learnt back then still resonate with us today. Treasures from the University’s vaults, which are rarely on display, illuminate the development of science in the heart of Europe, a success story that now points us to the future.

The 400-year anniversary exhibition, with its motto “Back to the Future”, provides an insight into the University’s successful past and present, but also elaborates on its future prospects: its growing appeal on the international stage. Innovative concepts for the challenges of digitalisation. Sustainable solutions for the next 400 years.

The DomQuartier provides the ideal setting for this exhibition on the history, present and future of the University of Salzburg. QR codes lead visitors to further and more in-depth information on the exhibition: the virtual PLUSpoints of Paris Lodron University Salzburg!

Welcome video with …

Hendrik Lehnert and Wilfried Haslauer

Rector Lehnert and Governor Haslauer welcome visitors to "PLUSpunkte. 400 Years of the Paris Lodron University Salzburg" in the DomQuartier.

Screenshot Begrüßungsvideo PLUSpunkte Ausstellung im DomQuartier

Enjoy delving into the history of our university!

The following 16 virtual “doors” will lead you to additional explanations of selected topics of the anniversary exhibition in the DomQuartier in 2022. We hope you enjoy delving into these specially selected stories from the vaults of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg.

Room 2: Medicine & Botanical Garden


Did the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg ever have a medical faculty? If you want to know more …

Fürsterzbischof Paris Graf von Lodron

Room 2: Music, Joseph Woelfl and Aloys Weißenbach

Musical highlights

Joseph Woelfl compares himself to Ludwig van Beethoven. And Aloys Weißenbach writes a text for Van Beethoven.


Room 2: National Socialism

National Socialism

Themes here include the "founding generation" of the University of Salzburg, problematic academic honours and book theft in Salzburg.

Ausschnitt Buchcover

Room 2: University Weeks

The Salzburg University Weeks

The festival was first held in 1931 and aimed to promote the re-establishment of the Benedictine University, which was closed in 1810.

Smarte Sommerfrische Podcast

Room 2: Derra de Moroda

The Derra de Moroda Dance Archives

Friderica Derra de Moroda’s dance archive forms the cornerstone of a centre for dance research at the PLUS. Interested? Then just …


Room 2: Literature Archive

Literature Archive Salzburg – LAS

The LAS researches and documents the works and lives of Stefan Zweig, Ingeborg Bachmann, Thomas Bernhard and Peter Handke.

Ingeborg Bachmann

Room 3: Benedictine Theatre

Salzburg University Theatre

The Latin university theatre was known and loved far beyond Salzburg’s city walls.

Benediktinertheater Zeichnung

Room 3: Court Library

Court Library

Avid book collectors among the Salzburg Prince Archbishops amassed an extensive library over the centuries.

Wenzelspsalter, Prag um 1395 (UBS, Sign. M III 20)

Room 3: Mozart

Leopold and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The intention to study philosophy brought Leopold Mozart to Salzburg in 1737. His son Wolfgang Amadé also composed for the university.

Relegation Leopold Mozart

Room 3: The art of disputation

Science & Art

The art of disputation. The disputation was an important academic occasion. Interested? To find out more…

Ausschnitt: Frontispiz zur Thesenschrift „Rivi logici ex fonte Aristotelico deducti“, 1658

Room 3: Science

Natural sciences

Jealous scholars, a faked horoscope, the first ascent of the Großglockner. Read more about these stories from the history of the PLUS!

Dominikus Beck

Room 3: The Art Academy

Drawings and prints

The University Library’s valuable holdings include, for example, cityscapes by Italian and Dutch artists. For more pictures …

Alte Federzeichnung

Room 4: Foundation of the University of Salzburg

Origins of the University

There had been plans to establish a university in Salzburg since the 16th century. Why wasn’t it founded until 1622? To find out …

Kupferstich Merian

Room 4: University Library | Besold Library

Besold Library

To find out interesting facts about the unique book collection of the scholar Christoph Besold, you can …

Abbildung exotischer Früchte

Room 4: University Church | Maria Plain

Marian devotion

Prince-Archbishop Count Kuenburg laid the foundation stone for the Maria Plain church in 1672 and later transferred it to the Benedictine University.

Wallfahrtskirche Maria Plain

Room 4: Case with Sceptres


In 1656, the goldsmith Albrecht von Horn created two of the most beautiful baroque university sceptres. For more information and pictures …

Nahaufnahme kaiserliches Szepter

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