Instructions for submission are given in the download file “informations for applicant”.

Briefly, the  following procedure is recommended:

 Download the forms from the ICA homepage. 

Fill in the application form and convert it into a pdf-file. 

Print out and fill in / sign the declaration of consent, scan it and convert it into a pdf-file. 

Scan your certificates and convert them into pdf-files. 

Forward the filled in (name and address) file “letter of recommendation” to two referees by email and ask them to fill in their part and to send the letter by email directly to ICA (it is your responsibility to ensure that the referees send their recommendation on time).

Send the application to:

Deadline for the complete application is August 31st 2013.

The letters of recommendation should be from two scientists who are familiar with your academic and/or your research work and who are able to assess your potential as a PhD student. 

Detailled informations about the selection procedure and the criteria for admission are given in the ICA homepage (see  “Description”).