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Fritz Aberger
Hedgehog signal cooperation in cancer

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Gernot Achatz

Gernot died in August 2011
ICA lost an excellent immunologist and most popular teacher
We lost a friend, but we will keep him alive in our hearts 

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Hans Brandstetter
Modifications in and by allergens

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Albert Duschl
Hits and errors: Decision making in the immune system.

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Fatima Ferreira
Allergens and allergic immune reactions

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Richard Greil
The tumor microenvironment in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Christian Huber
Proteoms and metaboloms of cell models

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Silja Wessler
Cellular Aspects of Pathogen-Host Interactions

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Josef Thalhamer
Induction of Skin Immunity with Protein and Gene Vaccines

Speaker of ICA