Academic year 2022/23: Students can currently apply for an Erasmus placement at one of the following places: Cluj-Napoco, Constanta, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Gdansk, Groningen, Kraków, Limerick, Mid Sweden University, Ostrava, Palma,  TU Dublin.
You can apply for an Erasmus grant (usually for 4 months per semester) for an Erasmus stay at one of these partner universities. Please contact the International Relations Office for further information on Erasmus grants.

As for study stays in the UK, Dundee and Leicester are currently accepting nominations (other partner universities might be added to this list in the coming weeks/months) – however, please note that the availability of an Erasmus grant for a study stay in the UK is uncertain at this moment. Please see information below.

BREXIT-INFO (February 2022):

Academic year 2021/22: Students can still undertake planned Erasmus exchanges and will receive Erasmus grants, if they are eligible.

Academic year 2022/23: Funding for Erasmus exchanges is only available until 31 May 2023. Exchanges can go beyond 31 May 2023 (if the host institution agrees), but funding will end on 31 May at the latest. Funding/Erasmus grants are subject to budget availability. Please note that at the time of application for the 2022/23 academic year, the availability and exact duration of funding cannot yet be guaranteed.
Please note that the minimum duration of stay required for an Erasmus grant for studies is 3 months. Exchanges in the summer semester 2023 can therefore start no later than 1 March 2023.

The continuation of UK mobility programmes and funding, beyond May 2023, are currently being negotiated.

Please also regularly check the International Relations Office for new information.

The Department of English and American Studies currently cooperates with over 20 Erasmus partner universities in Europe (see List of Partner Universities), at which students can complete a study abroad period of one or two semesters per cycle of study. Information about the individual partner institutions can be found on their respective websites. For further information about the mobility programmes, please contact the department members listed below.


  • Research our partner universities through their websites and select three universities for your application.
    Most universities have a dedicated page for Erasmus or International Students (usually under International Office, Study Abroad Office, Foreign Students Office).
  • Fill in our department’s application form and submit it to Christopher Herzog (, 3.252) by 15 January in the year before you would like to take part in the exchange (you are registering then for the following academic year).
  • You will be nominated by the Academic Coordinator to study at one of our partner universities. Places are allocated according to availability and academic achievement.
  • Wait for the partner university to confirm your nomination and send you information on their application process. Then complete all of the host institution’s application requirements. Please note that application deadlines vary for each institution.
  • Complete all forms required by our university’s International Relations Office, according to their guidelines.

Credit Transfer

Please contact Christopher Herzog () prior your Erasmus semester, to have your course selection approved and ensure that credits earned at the partner institution will be transferred accordingly once you return.

Erasmus Office Hours by appointment.
Please contact:


Let’s Go International: Information for outgoing Erasmus students (PPP)

For Department staff:
Formular/Bestätigung: zusätzliche ECTS für Erasmus-Incomings