4 Semester/Terms; 2 years
LocationSalzburg, Austria
ECTS120 points
Total fees
1,560 Euro
Academic degree
Master of Arts in Syriac Theology (MAST)

Course Description / Aims

Syriac Christianity with its extensive oriental theological literature and spirituality is one of the central branches of Christendom. Over the centuries it developed a rich religious culture in the Middle East and Central Asia within a pluralistic context.
Studying the Syriac tradition enriches our understanding of the past as well as our ability to respond to current challenges and contribute to today’s society on an academic, spiritual or pastoral level.
Students receive an academic training in Syriac language, history and theology. The study programme, MA in Syriac Theology, focuses on developing cultural and religious understanding of Syriac Christianity. It teaches skills to apply theological knowledge both professionally and in everyday life amidst the cultural and religious diversity of a globalising environment; for example in the areas of religious education, catechesis and pastoral work, as well as in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.


Target Groups

The study programme MA in Syriac Theology offers qualified academic training for theologians belonging to Syriac Christianity to work in the fields of pastoral care, catechesis, adult and religious education. It also offers scholarly specialisation for graduates of arts/humanities, such as of theology, history, Oriental studies and archaeology.



The study programme MA in Syriac Theology contains following areas of the Syriac Christianity:
–          Language and literature
–          Bible studies
–          Ecclesiastical history
–          Liturgy
–          Spirituality and monastic literature
–          Patristic studies and systematic theology
–          Canon law, practical theology and pedagogy of religion



Admission to the university course MA in Syriac Theology is dependent on:

– The prior completion of a relevant Bachelor’s degree, diploma programme
– or secondary school teacher accreditation programme or on an equivalent programme at a recognised domestic, or international tertiary educational institution
– in well-justifed exceptions, admission can be granted based on professional experience of at least nine years (e.g. as a teacher, catechist, priest)
– Advanced English
– Elementary Syriac




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