BSc/MSc projects

MSc thesis using aquatic microcosms in Wienerwald/  B-Tree Tulln (collaboration BOKU): please email for more information ().
BSc/MSc thesis on “Aquatic microhabitats in plants”: More info here.
BSc/MSc thesis in lake ecology along elevational gradients at National Park Hohe Tauern: More info here (please email for English version). Fellowships available from the National Park:  More info here.
BSc/MSc thesis in Community Ecology: predation of terrestrial species on larvae in waterfilled tree holes. More info here.
BSc/MSc thesis in Urban Ecology: insect food webs on urban trees. More info here.

For further possible BSc- and MSc-thesis projects, please check out our research projects here, and contact me if you are interested ().