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AG Duschl, April 2019

Research Group A. Duschl, April, 2018

Dear visitor,
thank you for visiting our homepage! At the center of our interest are effects of various external factors on the human immune system. We are constantly subjected to a multitude of natural environmental stimuli (bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, allergens, etc.), but anthropogenic factors are present as well (fine dust, nanoparticles, exhaust gas, etc.). The current boom in nanotechnology may create safety issues, but also promises groundbreaking applications, including medical ones. Against this background, investigations into nano-bio interactions and into molecular mechanisms of immune responses to nanomaterials have developed into our major areas of research. We focus on nanosafety, interaction between inhaled nanomaterials and immune response in the lung, and education and training in this area.

The group is part of the FWF-funded doctoral school  Immunity in Cancer and Allergy, ICA, of the University’s doctoral school “Biomolecules – structure, function and regulation” and of the University’s  Allergy-Cancer-BioNano Research Centre.