Gabriele Gadermaier

Science Communication
Science to Science
Invited Lectures – since 2015
2018 Invited lecture, „Weed pollen allergens“, Rencontre Francophone d‘Allergologie Moléculaire, Paris, France
2018 Invited lecture “Detection of proteins and biopharmaceuticals using aptamers”, Analytica Conference, Munich, Germany
2017 Invited lecture “Proteomics in allergy research”, International Symposium on Molecular Allergology (ISMA), Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2016 Invited lecture “Aptamer technology in protein detection and purification”, Workshop on Protein Expression and Purification Strategies, Bangkok, Thailand 
Invited lecture “Sensitization profiles and their relevance for immunotherapy – pollen and cross-reactive allergens”, Mainzer Allergie Workshop, Junior-Member Symposium, Mainz, Germany
Invited lecture “English plantain pollen allergy – resolving the miracle using Pla l 1 for structural and immunological analysis”, Pirquet-Club at the Vienna General Hospital, Vienna, Austria
Science to Science
Oral Presentations – since 2015
2016 Oral presentation “Why I? IgE profile and influencing factors of allergic sensitizations”, Meeting of the research group Allergy and Immunopathology, São Paulo University and Heart Institute; São Paulo, Brazil
2016 Oral presentation “Crystal structure of Pla l 1 unravels an Ole e 1-like fold visualizing allergenic divergence within one allergen family”, Annual congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), Vienna, Austria
2016 Oral presentation “ALRAUNE – On track of allergies”, Citizen Science Conference, Salzburg, Austria
2016 Oral presentation “Plantain pollen allergy: how to solve the mystery by structural and immunological investigations”, Billroth Kolloquium, University of Salzburg, Austria  
Oral presentation “Structural analysis of Pla l 1, the major Plantago lanceolata allergen, uncovered the Ole e 1-like fold”, Annual congress of the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), Barcelona, Spain
Science to Professionals – since 2015
2015Lecture on “Allergen molecules” at the General Hospital Linz, Austria
2015Lecture on “Allergies” at the Ausbildungsakademie Rotes Kreuz, Landesverband Salzburg, Austria
Science to Public – since 2015
2018Lecture and hands-on workshop “Allergy – Lifestyle disease or temporary fashion?” at the Internationale Akademie Traunkirchen, Austria
2018Print article „Superabwehrkräfte durch Schmutz? Was dran ist an der Hygienehypothese“, Der Standard, Austria
2017Featured print article “Reizende Kräuter”, Laborjournal 11/2017, Germany
2016Hands-on workshops for pupils “Allergy meets Molecular Biology” at the Science Day, University of Salzburg, Austria
2016Workshop at the Lange Nacht der Forschung „Warum werden wir allergisch?“, Salzburg, Austria
2015Print article „Fragt, fotografiert, forscht als Klasse“, Kurier Extra, Austria
2015Print article „Im Oktober forschen Jugendliche um die Wette“, Kurier Extra, Austria
2015Print article „Von Sparkling Science to Citizen Science – ALRAUNE“, OeaD News, Austria
2015Newsletter „Sparkling Science Projekt ALRAUNE – Allergieforschung mit Schülerinnen“, School of Eduction, PLUS, Austria