Interested in computational systems biology?


  • Student from biomedical disciplines interested to learn more about computational biology, in particular skills in programming, statistics, and others. Prior computational skills are a big plus.
  • Students from quantitative disciplines (computer science, data science, statstics, mathematics, physics, …) interested in biology and medicine.

Research projects

Research questions will be based on the groups ongoing projects. In addition to basic analysis of biological datasets, projects will / can further include:

  • Collaboration with experimental biochemists to validate results of computational analyses
  • Development of advanced statistics, machine learning, and network biology to model biological systems
  • Development of databases and software packages to make computational results broadly available
  • Meta-analyses of large, existing datasets to answer broader and more conceptual questions

Projects will be designed and performed based on individual skills and interests. Students are required to learn the programming and statistics skills necessary to handle big biological datasets in the course of the project. If computational skills are limited at the beginning, practicals will start with online tutorials to learn essential skills prior to starting on real datasets. Overall, practicals require a high level of independence (programming is only learned by doing it and making mistakes) but under regular supervision by senior personal. 


  • CV (1-2 pages)
  • Motivation letter (half a page, outlining skills and interests)
  • University grades

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