The Allergy Cancer BioNano (ACBN) Research Centre of the University of Salzburg – which you may know under its former name, Biosciences and Health – invites its alumni to keep in touch. Have you finished your master or your doctorate in one of the groups belonging to ACBN? We would like to hear from you, where you are now, what you are doing for a job, whether you feel that your time with us was fruitful for you. We would also like to inform you about developments here in Salzburg and give you a feeling on how the younger generation is faring. An alumni party to be organized in Salzburg is definitely in the cards, too!

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Newsletter Archive

Albert Duschl & Dirk Schmidt-Arras (2023)
ACBN Newsletter #7 Jul-Dec 2023
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.10199915

Nikolaus Fortelny, Martin Himly, & Melanie Schürz (2023)
ACBN Newsletter #6 Jan-Jun 2023
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.7915867

Giorgia Nasi, Elfriede Dall, Jutta Horejs-Höck, Theresa Neuper, Michael Unger, Hieu-Hoa Dang, Renate Bauer, Alexandra Fux, Tobias Frauenlob, Rita Ribeiro, & Helene Sieberer (2022)
ACBN Newsletter #5 Jul-Dec 2022
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.7278163

Albert Duschl, Nicole Meisner-Kober, Vesna Stanojlovic, Marina Canadas-Ortega, & Angelika Lahnsteiner (2022)
ACBN Newsletter #4 Jan-Jun 2022
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.6787107

Albert Duschl, Christian Huber, & Andreas Uhl (2021)
ACBN Newsletter #3 Jul-Dec 2021
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.5644671

Fritz Aberger, Andrea Feinle, Nicola Huesing, Mark Geppert, Martin Himly, & Iris Gratz (2021)
ACBN Newsletter #2 Jan-Jun 2021
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.4707396

Albert Duschl, Christian G. Huber, Gernot Posselt, Hans Brandstetter, & Angela Risch (2020)
ACBN Newsletter #1 Oct-Dec 2020
Zenodo. DOI:  10.5281/zenodo.4680740