The FFG Qualification Network: Circular Economy Managers in Construction

Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bauwesen Bild

The Paris Lodron Universität / Department Marketing  is part of the Innovation Camp M „Kreislaufmanager:in im Bauwesen“.

The project coordination is carried out by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anke Bockreis and her  Team at the University of Innsbruck

The goal of this innovation camp is to provide 77 employees from 24 SMEs and 19 large companies in the construction industry (including engineering firms, construction companies, insulation manufacturers, concrete producers, consulting firms, timber construction companies, architects, and real estate developers in Innsbruck) with research-oriented knowledge, case studies, and concrete recommendations for action related to a circular-oriented future.

Construction waste is the largest waste stream in Austria. In the context of sustainable and resource-efficient development, these waste volumes must be reduced, and the recycling rate increased. Circular economy not only significantly benefits the environment but also has clear economic advantages.

As construction companies succeed in maintaining valuable resources in a circular manner, their dependence on expensive raw material imports decreases. Closing the loops requires specific expertise. Therefore, there is an urgent need for information dissemination on circular economy in construction through education and training.

The project equips participants to

  • understand circular economy in its entirety,
  • engage intensively with economic and environmental aspects of construction,
  • comprehend various evaluation criteria for buildings and materials, and
  • delve deeply into the life cycles of the following five material streams: concrete/steel, brick/clay, photovoltaics, wood, and insulation materials.

For more information, you can visit the. Circular Economy Page at the University of Innsbruck

Image credits: left side Pixabay_Photomat, right side Pixabay_Michael_Gaida