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in: Markovic, S. et al. (2023). Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility: Knowledge, Values, and Actions.

In an era of #greenwashing, stakeholders are displaying heightened scrutiny and caution when evaluating firms‘ CSR knowledge, values, and actions.On this background, Marie Paiker, Eva Lienbacher and Christine Vallaster contributed a chapter on New Parents, New Shopping Habits? CSR Knowledge, CSR Cues, and Baby Product Advertisements:

Based on experiments, new parents were presented images of baby product advertisements featuring CSR cues. The results indicate that baby-related products, in particular, capture a significant amount of attention with regard to CSR cues. However, it’s important to note that visual attention to CSR cues doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher level of CSR knowledge. While factors like gender and parental status (being a parent or an expecting parent) have a limited impact on the attention given to CSR cues, age appears to be a more influential factor. These findings offer insights for marketers, helping them target specific product categories or consumer demographics to enhance the visibility and cognitive processing of CSR cues among consumers.

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