Practical Philosophy?

A Conference
3. – 4. October 2013
Opening Lecture:
Peter Koller (Graz)
Ideal and Non-Ideal Moral

Background of the Conference
Given the many problems and changes in today’s time, questions arise on what and how it should be (be it the man, his actions, society, the state, etc), which set out the answers to the task horizon of practical philosophy, even if the Aristotelian distinction between practical and theoretical philosophy is often undermined, blurred or canceled. The content and methods of practical philosophy are as different as probably never before in the history of this discipline: classical approaches (Aristotelian, Kantian, analytical, phenomenological), new additions (postmodern, Marxist, feminist, critical, neo-xxx), old topics (the good, justice, war) and new issues (climate, globalization, medicine, biotechnology).
Call For Papers
Practical philosophy lives from critical and constant exchange with others. The conference “Practical Philosophy?” is aimed explicitly at young scientists and will provide time and space for discussion and enable networking. We invite all interested colleagues (graduate, postgraduate, doctoral students, postdocs, etc), with and without university connections, from the whole range of practical philosophy (applied philosophy, social philosophy, ethics, philosophy of law, political philosophy, etc.) and related disciplines to submit proposals for contributions. These can be finished essays, parts of larger works, work in progress or failed attempts to get ahead in thinking. For each lecture 30 minutes are provided including discussion. Proposals for contributions (to the extent of about 250 words) please to until 15 June 2013.
The conference is organized by a young team of postdocs of the departments for philosophy (Kth & GeWi) and the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research at the University of Salzburg and the international forschungszentrum for social and ethical questions (ifz). There is a small participation fee of 20 Euros, which shall be adopted in all reasonable cases (no fixed employment, recipients of scholarships etc.). For more information please refer to the German website.
Organizing Committee
Dr. Günther Graf
Dr. Martina Schmidhuber
Dr. Gottfried Schweiger
Dr. Michael Zichy