The ZEA offers two programs taht allow dedicated and interested students to make the study of poverty and social exclusion apart of their intellectual and personal careers.
The ZEA offers an interdisciplinary study program on, “Poverty and Social Exclusion”.  The aim of this study is to make the phenomena of poverty and social exclusion understandable as it effects social life, motivate them to the responsible treatment of issues such as social ethics as well as to design concrete strategies for their solution.  It is aimed at students of all disciplines and provides the opportunity to cultivate appropriate skills, but also attitudes in terms of a humanitarian ideal of education.
In cooperation with the KHG and under the joint leadership with Dr. David Lang, the ZEA also invites students each summer semester to join in a certificate program entitled “Social Responsibility”.  This program allows students to get experiences in poverty alleviation and social work.  
We strive to stimulate commitment, responsibility and appreciation for all student and academic initiatives taht highlight the issue of poverty and social exclusion and to oppose it.  We also like to relevant theses.  
Finally, we offer students the opportunity to participate in an unpaid internship at the ZEA in the areas of knowledge management and research.