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The Aerospace & Rail Research group of the Computer Sciences Institute has an excellent track record of research in the areas of air & rail traffic simulation and wireless communication network design. University of Salzburg’s  sophisticated simulation tools have been used in a great number of national and international projects and helped to evaluate existing systems and design new ones.

The research group was able to establish its expertise in a range of relevant topics within the field of aerospace and rail research. University of Salzburg has participated through this research group in many regional, national, and European projects and is also involved in the “Single European Sky ATM Research” SESAR Joint Undertaking of the European Union.

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The vision of the Aerospace & Rail Research Group is to support the sustainable modernization of European air and rail traffic management. The group’s research topics are centered on three main areas of work:

  • Communication: Development of new wireless technologies, integration of networks, communication security.
  • Procedures: Air & rail traffic management procedures supported by automation, human-in-the-loop simulation, evaluation and validation of new procedures.
  • Environment: Air traffic forecast simulation, noise abatement, CO2 reduction in both, aviation and rail domain.      



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