Konstantin SchätzKonstantin Schätz MA BA

PhD Division Journalism Studies

+43 (0)662 8044-4160

Office: UG38, Rudolfskai 42, 5020 Salzburg
Office hours: Tuesday, 11-13 o’clock

Konstantin Schätz is a PhD student in the Division of Journalism. During his studies, he has dealt with the topics of journalism, media economics, and communication policy. He is particularly concerned with war reporting, the journalistic approach to terrorism and crises and language in journalism. In his master’s thesis, “The Penetrating Power of Metaphor,” he examined interpretive frameworks constructed using metaphors in reporting on terrorism. He also collaborated on research projects on Austrian journalism education and new news and work processes in Austrian journalism. In addition to his university activities, he writes as a freelance journalist for the Salzburger Nachrichten and the Süddeutsche Zeitung, among others, and educates students about fake news and errors in journalism as part of the Lie Detector program.

  • Research Interests

    Reporting on terrorism and crises

    Training and further education for journalists

    News and work processes in Austrian journalism

    Metaphors in media discourses

  • Networks

    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft (  DGPuK)

    European Communication Research and Education Association (  ECREA)

    Nachwuchsnetzwerk Journalismusforschung (  MiJoFo)

    Verband bayerischer Jungjournalisten (  VBJJ)

      Lie Detectors