Ricarda DrüekeAssoz. Prof.in PD Mag.a Dr.in Ricarda Drüeke

Deputy Head Division Public Spheres and Inequality Research
Vice-Dean Faculty of Social Sciences
Head of the programme area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production of the intra-university institution Science and Art


Office: Room 018, Rudolfskai 42, 5020 Salzburg
Office hours: Tuesday 15-16 o’clock (by appointment)

Ricarda Drüeke is a habilitated Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Salzburg, co-head of the Division of of Public Spheres and Inequalities, and co-head of the program area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production at the inter-university institution Science and Art. Previously, she worked at different locations such as Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder, Cornell University/New York State and University of Knoxville/Tennesse She researches and teaches on inclusion and exclusion processes in and through media, digital publics (especially with a focus on protest articulations and movements as well as dynamics of outrage using the example of hate speech) as well as in the field of Gender Media Studies.

  • Research Interests

    Digital Publics and Activism

    Protest and the Media

    Public sphere theories

    Inclusion and exclusion in/through media

    Gender Media Studies

  • Networks

      ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association)



  • Documentation of Research

    The current research documentation can be found  here.

  • Master’s exams

    The current research documentation can be found here.

    Instructions for oral Master’s examinations with Assoz. Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Ricarda Drüeke – first and second examination (as of February 2021)

    Examination topics:

    Media and the public

    Inclusion and exclusion in and through the media

    Media and cultural theories

    Exam preparation:

    The agreed examination literature consists of academic texts (book chapters or essays in academic journals) totalling 200 text pages. Choose one of the three examination topics. You then select an appropriate number of texts from the literature list, which I will then provide for you, in one of the three examination topics. After consultation, you can exchange individual texts and replace them with texts of your choice. To do this, please send me a PDF version of the text you have suggested. Once you have made a selection, please send me your exam literature list, which I will either accept or suggest minor changes.

    One week before the examination, please submit a thesis paper. This should be structured as follows:

    title, author, correct bibliography

    short summary of the content

    3 to 5 theses, which represent your personal scientific evaluation of the text.

    Length: max. 1 page per text.