Ricarda DrüekeAssoz. Prof.in PD Mag.a Dr.in Ricarda Drüeke

Deputy Head Division Public Spheres and Inequality Research
Vice-Dean Faculty of Social Sciences
Head of the programme area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production of the intra-university institution Science and Art


Office: Hochparterre Raum 018, Rudolfskai 42, 5020 Salzburg
Office hours: Tuesday 15-16 o’clock (by appointment)

Ricarda Drüeke is a habilitated Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Salzburg, co-head of the Division of of Public Spheres and Inequalities, and co-head of the program area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production at the inter-university institution Science and Art. Previously, she worked at different locations such as Europa-Universität Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder, Cornell University/New York State and University of Knoxville/Tennesse She researches and teaches on inclusion and exclusion processes in and through media, digital publics (especially with a focus on protest articulations and movements as well as dynamics of outrage using the example of hate speech) as well as in the field of Gender Media Studies.