9th January 2022

Webinar Sarah Shaban

Webinar with Sara Shaban on Feminism, Activism and Islam in the Media


14th December 2022

Salzburg Global Opening Lecture

PLUS Students as VIP-Guests at the Opening Lecture of Shanaaz Majiet at the Salzburg Global Seminar

KoWi Studierende

12th-17th December 2022

Salzburg Global Panel Discussion

Hanan Badr as Expert on the topics of Education, Transformation and Gender at the Salzburg Global Seminar

Panel SG

Book chapter

Journalism Pedagogy

Teaching Journalism in Egypt: Caught Between Control and Transformation – New Book Chapter by Hanan Badr

Journalism Pedagogy


Media Governance

New book by Hanan Badr: Media Governance – A Cosmopolitan Critique

media goverance

30th November 2022

Guest lecture with Mohamed Amjahid

on stereotypes of Arabs, toxic masculinity and "white feminism"


6th October 2022

Guest lecture with Karim El-Gawhary

on The Arab Neighbourhood: Facing Social Collapse

hanan x karim