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Annotation to travel and tourism
Kurt LugerIn an article of the Austrian newspaper Salzburger Nachrichten from Fred Fettner Dr. Kurt Luger says, that
“Urlaub ist ein Reservoir der Sehnsüchte, glücklich machender Freiraum und in diesem Sinne ein Quantum Trost ist”.
read this article (Salzburger Nachrichten, 19.05.2018, german)

New article 
Kurt LugerAo. Univ.Prof. PhD Kurt Luger has published a new article, titled “Kulturerbe, Indentität und Tourismus” in the journal oead (Austrian agency for international mobility and cooperation in education, science and research).
Article (March 2018; german)

New publication
Book HerdinA new book from Assoz. Prof. Dr. Thomas Herdin has been published:
Werte, Kommunikation und Kultur. Fokus China 2018, 742 S., Gebunden, ISBN 978-3-8487-4389-6
Intercultural communication is still dominated by the technique of comparing typologies in a bipolar fashion. However, in times of increasing globalisation, this approach is insufficient. This book interconnects the concepts of values, communication and culture, and in doing so develops an innovative approach to examining current social developments in detail.


Communication scientist and the phenomenon time
Thomas HerdinAss.Prof. PhD. Thomas Herdin is a member of the association “Verzögerung der Zeit” and is talking about the phenomenon of TIME with Hermann Fröschl (Salzburger Fenster). He says, that “wir nicht ertragen können, wenn nichts passiert“.
 Article (Salzburger Fenster; 24. Juli 2017)

Science Slam Final 2017
Thomas HerdinAss.Prof. PhD. Thomas Herdin (communication scientist at the University Salzburg) is part of the Science Slam Final 2017. He talks about the Understanding cultures … A view of the Far East.