About the Unit

The work of the unit of Audio-Visual and Online Communication, its questions and aims are dedicated to communication processes in the context of audio-visual media, focusing on production, the product itself, and product related receptive and interactive practices. Furthermore, social, cultural, and technological processes of change are relevant research objects. In order to meet the conceptual challenges of such a broad field an interdisciplinary approach that carefully reflects theoretical and methodological issues appears crucial.
Research objects are found in visual, auditory and hybrid media as well as in the social communication processes that are mediated through those media forms. More precisely, classic forms of media communication trough radio, film, and television fall under this definition as well as hybrid forms of online and mobile communication.
We offer a well-founded scientific basic education for our students. This includes the imparting of extensive specialized knowledge and the training of scientific core competences in the field of communication science (e.g. genre analysis, product and program analysis, audience and reception as well as gratification research).
In addition to more theoretical classes, we offer practice-oriented core qualifications. Additionally internships provide basic knowledge of conception, design and production of audio-visual media content. Projects that are developed in such internships are broadcasted constantly in the regional studio of the ORF, in private television stations, community television FS 1, and in the radio station of Radiofabrik Salzburg.
Most of our lecturers are also affiliated with established media companies or scientific institutions and can draw from years of professional practice and experience.
Our graduates are capable of analyzing complex processes and phenomena in the field of audio-visual media. Furthermore, they become equipped with a variety of flexible and interchangeable skills and abilities (e.g. researching, conception work, audio-visual designing, etc.).
The research of the Audio-Visual and Online Communication unit aims at analyzing audio-visual content and formats specifically on the levels of program, genre and format analysis as well as audience, reception and gratification research. It is based on an integrated model of audio-visual research, where communication is examined in the context of public communication and is therefore understood as a socio-scientific discourse.
The content of audio-visual communication classes are ranging from theoretical and methodical approaches to practical applications for digital-electronic communication processes. To make the students ready for starting a career in a media related professional field, the curriculum of the Audio-Visual and Online Communication unit is complemented with practical courses in audio-visual and online production. Lecturers who work in the field of audio-visual communication are hired for teaching those classes to provide insights into a diverse and practice-oriented field.