Further Education at PLUS

In addition to the DSP course catalogue, the University of Salzburg offers its doctoral students a number of other opportunities to develop their professional skill sets.

Further Education at PLUS
Career Center The Career Center at the University of Salzburg supports students throughout all the different phases of their degree programmes, especially through the transition into professional life. Details / Contact  
Research Support Unit The Research Service offers regular staff-development workshops on research-related topics, organises informational meetings with outside partners, and acts as the central information centre for questions about financial support for research. Details / Contact
Staff Development In addition to the regular staff development programme, the University offers a range of special programmes for staff researchers and teachers. Details / Contact
Rhetorics Rhetorics courses can be completed as part of a certificate programme or as a supplemental certificate. There is a fee for each module. in German
Language Centre Students and staff members can take advantage of the wide array of language courses offered at the Language Centre to boost their foreign-language skills for comparatively little money. Students taking courses at the Language Centre can count these courses toward the Languages supplementary certificate offered by the University. Details / Contact
Statistics and Data Analysis The Applied Statistics and Data Analysis certificate programme and supplemental certificate are offered by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Mathematics and are aimed at graduate students who use statistics in their work and would like to become more knowledgeable about statistical methods.  in German
Supplemental Certificates Interdisciplinary supplemental certificates (24 ECTS) and certificate programme (36 ECTS) are bundled course programmes in a particular area and are aimed at providing University of Salzburg students with career-based skills beyond the field of study in which they are taking a degree. in German
University Library Each semester, the University Library offers training sessions, workshops and courses on literature searches, literature management and knowledge management. The University Library is also your go-to resource for open access publications. Details / Contact