DSP-Kolleg Brain, Behavior and Health (DSP-BBH)


Natalie Badstuber
Thema: Investigating indicators and strategies of task processing by personality and group (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Tuulia Ortner

Kaja Benz
Thema: Speech tracking in Eye movements (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Nathan Weisz

Ya-Ping Chen
Thema: Speech-brain entrainment in cochlear implant users and its implications on speech rehabilitation following cochlear implant (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Hauptbetreuung: Nathan Weisz

Elena Fischer
Thema: Neural correlates of prospective coaching (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Eva Jonas

Christina Fuchs
Thema: Human-technology interaction and its effects on organizational structures (Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Hauptbetreuung: Astrid Reichel

Chandra Haider
Thema: The impact of face masks on speech comprehension in the hearing impaired (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Nathan Weisz

Sabrina Hettegger
Thema: Post traumatic stress disorder and intrusive memories (Psychologie)
Haupbetreuung: Frank Wilhelm

Nadine Heyer
Thema: Psychologische Komponenten in Konflikten und deren Beeinflussbarkeit durch die Mediation (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Eva Jonas

Sonja Jungreitmayr
Thema: Sarcopenia – low-threshold access exercise intervention (Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft)
Hauptbetreuung: Susanne Ring-Dimitriou

Moritz Köhler
Thema: Top-down attentional control of the auditory cortex on outer hair cells (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Nathan Weisz

Dániel Kovács
Thema: Steps to a new and fully developed framework model of stress and motivation: The Job Demands-Resource-(Dis)stress-Motivation Model 2.0 (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Eva Traut-Mattausch

Anton Kurapov
Thema: Anxiety, stress responses and health behavior (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Jens Blechert

Sarah Nasrouei
Thema: Fear extinction deficits as an early marker of Alzheimer’s disease (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Hauptbetreuung: Frank Wilhelm

Martin Pühringer
Thema: Sequencing of Ventilatory Indices and Fatoxidaton (Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft)
Hauptbetreuung: Susanne Ring-Dimitriou

Fabian Schmidt
Thema: Monitoring hearing-nerve activity as information source for fitting hearing-aids (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Nathan Weisz

Anne Schock
Thema: Assessment of intra-individual variations in personality and gender role (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Anton Lairaiter

Fabian Schwimmbeck
Thema: From single-cell recordings to oscillations in invasive recordings (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Eugen Trinka

Simone Treuter
Thema: A smartphone-based intervention to prevent psychologic disorder symptoms after a critical incident in rescuers and employees of German Agency for Employment (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Frank Wilhelm

Thomas Vikoler
Thema: The Di-Eu-Stress State Scale (DESS Scale) – Development and Validation of a Scale measuring State Distress and Eustress (Psychologie)
Hauptbetreuung: Eva Traut-Mattausch

    • DSP BBH: erfolgreich abgeschlossene Dissertationsprojekte

      Ann-Kathrin Arend
      Thema: Emotional Eating Across the Eating Disorder Spectrum – Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches (Psychologie)
      Hauptbetreuung: Jens Blechert

      Björn Pannicke
      Thema: The Multifaceted Nature of Affective States in Health Behaviours (Psychologie)
      Hauptbetreuung: Jens Blechert

      Nina Süß
      Thema: Speech perception in the framework of multisensory integration – Insights from healthy and clinical subpopulations (Psychologie)
      Hauptbetreuung: Nathan Weisz

      Lucas Rainer
      Thema: Ob nicht ein Wort sich selbst schon sprach–Epilepsy and Emotion: Insights into Affective Processing in Patients with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (Psychologie)
      Hauptbetreuung: Mario Braun