DSP-Kolleg Dynamic Mountain Environments & Society Vol. 2


Martina Althammer
Thema: Molecular mechanisms of galactose toxicity in plants 
Hauptbetreuung: Raimund Tenhaken

Valentina Argante 
Thema: LUNAR 
Hauptbetreuung: Sumiko Tsukamoto

Herbert Braunschmid
Thema: Frequency dependent selection in the deceptive orchid Cypripedium calceolus L
Hauptbetreuung: Stefan Dötterl

Sofia Brisson
Thema: ThinkALPS
Hauptbetreuung: Christoph v. Hagke

Fabian Dremel
Thema: Old mountains, young topography
Hauptbetreuung: Christoph v. Hagke

Andreas Ewald
Thema: Rock slope instability in recently deglaciating cirque headwalls
Hauptbetreuung: Andreas Lang

Kevin Frings
Thema: SANDS
Hauptbetreuung: Christoph v.Hagke

Gladys Kungu
Thema: Behavioral and physiological signatures of habitat fragmentation in a cooperative forest interior insectivore
Hauptbetreuung: Jan Christian Habel

Moritz Liebl
Thema: Elevated low relief landscapes in mountain belts
Hauptbetreuung: Jörg Robl

Noreen Mutoro
Thema: Ecology and behavioural biology of Acinonyx jubatus in south-eastern Kenya
Hauptbetreuung: Jan Christian Habel

Thomas Pollhammer
Thema: From fluvial deposition to landscape evolution: Glacial history and geodynamic processes derived from alluvial terrace geometries
Hauptbetreuung: Bernhard Salcher