The introduced wall lizard (Podarcis muralis) – a threat to the native sand lizard (Lacerta agilis)?
Thesis in the field of herpetology / conservation biology and phylogeography
The wall lizard (Podarcis muralis), which is not native to the federal states Salzburg and Upper Austria, has been introduced several times in recent decades due to the increase of railway transport and trucking. Now it colonizes several locations in the federal state of Salzburg, such as railway stations in the city of Salzburg (e. g. Gnigl, Sam, Taxham), where the native sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) partially occurs. It became apparent that the wall lizard is currently spreading strongly and is partially displacing the sand lizard populations.
Based on species distribution models, the habitat requirements for both species will be determined. It will be clarified why the wall lizard has an advantage over the sand lizard and therefore has a better spreading ability. The research area is the city of Salzburg.