The Action Research Summer Camp 2021

A rich environment for active learning


Our practical methods and pedagogy

We will use a broad range of activating methods pedagogical means to transcend traditional didactics. These experiences will form a rich learning environment for developing life-long relationships and new ideas.

  • Link zu einer DateiWalking conversations and reflections in an alpine environment.
  • Sharing everyday life with the community participants at the “Waldhüttl” project (cooking, making music, sitting at the camp fire etc.).
  • Journaling (research and reflection diaries).
  • Alternative walking tours through Innsbruck, together with activists and people from marginalized communities.
  • Solidarity exercises and activities (group building, singing etc.).
  • Introduction to tools of community based research (e.g. interview techniques, photo-voicing, creative arts).
  • Introduction in the history and practice of community-based research.
  • One-on-one and workshop development for individual work plans.

Our interaction with community partners

Link zu einer DateiCamp participants will frequently interact with people in place – e.g. Roma living there temporarily and supporters from town who frequent the place – both who have helped bring about new forms of social support in cooperation with a number of societal actors and individuals.

The Camp will use English as the main language for communication, but many other languages will be spoken on site.

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