Link zu einer DateiThe Camp is in principal open to anyone interested who self-defines as an early stage researcher, including people from universities other than Salzburg and from abroad.

Likewise, practitioners who hope to conduct and apply community-based research and organization in their work are welcomed.


Link zu einer DateiThe application process was open till the end of March 2021. Participation has already been confirmed to 20 people, amongst them a few doctoral students from the University of Salzburg. Camp members are based across different countries in Europe and in the US.

Applicants were asked to write a short letter of interest (1-2 pages), which served as a basis for selecting a group of up to 20 participants. An online meeting with the Camp organizers will be scheduled early in May, 2021. If you have received your confirmation and have special needs, please let us know.

If you want to get in touch with the workshop co-leaders, send an email to Corey Dolgon () and Eberhard Raithelhuber ().

Participation fee

Link zu einer DateiCosts will be kept as low as possible. Participants will organize their own transport and, if they opt for a hostel or hotel in the city, their accommodation. To cover additional costs (catering, rental costs, other service), participants will be asked to pay a fee of 150 Euros for the full week.

The Camp receives co-funding through  Fulbright Austria and the US Department of State that approved it as a  Fulbright Specialist Project for 2021. Additional finances to cover fix costs are provided through the Department of Educational Science at the University of Salzburg.

Travel and accommodation

Link zu einer DateiThe Action Research Summer Camp 2021 will use the facilities of the Waldhüttl Mentlberg, an ancient farmhouse, only a 15-minutes drive away from the historical center and main station of  Innsbruck. The barn, the teepee and the garden will serve as our major event spaces.

Workshop participants can make themselves a primitive sleeping place in the barn or in the huge teepee, or set up a tent in the surroundings. Please bring along your own mattress and sleeping bag.

Those seeking more comfort will find accommodation in the nearby beautiful center of  Innsbruck, down the hill, e.g. in a pension or hotel. If needed, we can assist you to find a place for you to stay.


We will offer a range of introductory texts that will allow us to get to know some bases of participatory action research and community development. Participants are asked to read some basic compulsory texts and prepare some preliminary thoughts, questions, journal entries, etc. to begin early conversations once we arrive in Innsbruck.

Participants will select a small key passage from the compulsory literature, connecting it to their own previous experience or goals for future work.

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