The  Waldhüttl – literally: the ranger’s hut – is an ancient farmhouse located up a hill at the outskirts of  Innsbruck, in the state of Tyrol, amidst the Austrian Alps.


From restistance against the Nazis to resistance against rascism

Link zu einer DateiWaldhüttl Mentlberg was a center of Tyrolean resistance to the Nazis during WWII, and now has a small photo exhibition on the key actors who met there.

Today, Waldhüttl is a house that welcomes people from the economic and social margins: Hungarian and Rumanian speaking Roma who slept for years on the streets before becoming part of this project. Here they help create a unique space for living and learning, run by members of a small, progressive local religious congregation, the Vinzi Gemeinschaft Waldhüttl. The place and its practices are strongly inspired by the theology and pedagogy of liberation which, in turn, is one core basis for participatory research and community development.

The “Waldhüttl Mentlberg” project – the place to be

Link zu einer DateiThe Waldhüttl regularly welcomes locals and others for leisure, cultural or garden activities. This habitat is also a stopping point for pilgrims and couch surfers, and even a wedding venue.

Offering basic comforts, this welcoming place is frequently used by groups for international camps, confirmation groups or conferences, as well as by student groups. Besides an old barn with an event stage, Waldhüttl has an extended garden, a teepee, a fire pit, a pizza oven, several species of animals and many more breathtakingly gorgeous features.

Link zu einer DateiThe Camp will also generate income for some of the project residents who will support the Camp, e.g. by cooking and sharing their space.

Get to know the Waldhüttl project  facebook page and its  official website.

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