Session # 158: SSSP conference 2021 „Revolutionary Sociology“

Revolutionizing Belonging: Transnational Perspectives on Reconstructing Health and Wellbeing in the Context of Undocumented Migration

Governments have failed to adequately care for people living in undocumentedness, often segregating them to acutely vulnerable conditions and exploitable circumstances. Civil society has increasingly engaged in filling the gap, protecting the health and wellbeing of these populations, shaping new social networks and redefining their belonging. These have included community-based initiatives, civil society and faith-based organizations, health and human rights activists, professionals working pro-bono, etc.
This session welcomes contributions from researchers, practitioners, social justice advocates, and activists, to voice the transnational diversity of efforts revolutionizing belonging, through the reconstruction of health and social wellbeing, in the context of undocumented migration.
 Greenbrook, Josephine T. V.
Raithelhuber, Eberhard