Session # 159: SSSP conference 2021 „Revolutionary Sociology“

The Black Lives Matter Movement: Transnational Solidarity and Reverberances in Other Countries

Recent events in the United States attest to the pervasiveness of violent institutionalized racism. Outrage in response has built-up Black Lives Matter in the US and beyond. Similar movements have emerged, challenging unjust regimes and social structures, calling for the end of systemic, long-standing inequalities. Transnational solidarity is under-studied in literature but is increasingly becoming important in challenging global racism and other forms of social inequalities.
We welcome abstracts from scholars, researchers, activists, scholar activists, social justice advocates, and practitioners, originating from various countries or contexts, that explore dynamics of global resistance and lessons learned about creating global social movements.
 Veloso, Diana Therese Montejo
 Selod, Saher