Session # 160: SSSP conference 2021 „Revolutionary Sociology“

The Global Political Economy of Covid-19 Pandemic: The Impact of and Responses from Civil Society and International Community

The Covid-19 pandemic has rendered visible the contradictions of global capitalism, revealing that (1) capitalism, as a profit-oriented system, cannot adequately respond to pandemics;  (2) authoritarian states capitalize on the pandemic to limit citizen’s rights; and (3) an internationally coordinated response is needed.
This session invites abstracts of papers identifying and examining, in various countries and contexts, responses that have emerged from movement organizations, non-governmental organizations, indigenous groups, poor communities, workers, peasants, professional organizations, women’s organizations, international organizations, mutual aid communities, and other groups in the context of inadequate state response. What lessons do these responses provide?
 McGovern, Ligaya Lindio
 Spector, Alan Jay