Session #4: SSSP conference 2021 „Revolutionary Sociology“

Beyond Migration: The Role of (Im)mobility in Community Inclusion and Exclusion

This panel explores well-known concerns in community research through the perspective of movement and stasis. Beyond solely focusing on immigration, or the movement of people across international borders, mobility studies brings together analyses of the movement of people, goods, capital, and knowledge, as well as discourses on who should be allowed to stay or to move (e.g. in public spaces or transit zones).
As shown by Covid-19, periods of crises make mobility visible as a key aspect for differential inclusion in community spaces. Thus, we invite scholarship on how such powerful regimes of (im)mobility can be tackled and subverted. Contributions can span the full range of forms of documentation and (re)presentation, including examples from activist movie projects, participatory research, or other forms of research spanning methodological traditions. 
 Rita, Nathalie
Raithelhuber, Eberhard