The Action Research Summer Camp 2021

Interactive and engaged training for early stage researchers and practitioners

August 30 to September 5, 2021 in Innsbruck, Austria

Link zu einer DateiCommunity-Based Research in Action

Are you interested in building your knowledge and skills in the area of participatory research methods? Do you want to develop your capacity for collaborative action research? We invite you to join the first International Action Research Summer Camp in 2021. Stay with a small group of up to 20 people in a unique off-campus retreat center, the Waldhüttl Mentlberg project.

Link zu einer DateiPhD students from the University of Salzburg can be accredited with 6 ECTS points, equivalent to a work load of 150 hours. Please register  for the course through the PLUSonline system, internal  course number 848.953. All other participants who want to use the training for their graduate degree programs or professional credentials: we will be able to issue qualified certificates of participation.

Get to know more about our goals, methods, the workshop leaders, the venue near Innsbruck, Austria, and organizational matters.