Empirical Teaching & Learning Research

The focus “Empirical Teaching & Learning Research” targets the connection between processes of education and the resulting learning outcomes in various pedagogical areas of activity.  Learning becomes holistic in that all facets of human personality regarding gaining knowledge and skills are understood. The research designs and methods used are appropriately selected. The complex lines of influence of different teaching arrangements on learning processes via intermediary variables (such as for example, self-concept, self-efficacy convictions, emotions, interests, motivation…) are examined by means of quantitative methods, (where possible by using mixed methods approaches).
In particular the following learning dimensions should be explored and imparted:

  • Problem perspectives: e.g. Social and value education, intercultural/integrative/inclusive education, fostering of talent, affective learning, informal learning, learning under difficult conditions,…
  • Institutional perspectives: e.g. preschool/ nursery school education, school and non-formal education, higher education, private educational institutions, …
  • Specific teaching-learning arrangements in a generational perspective: e.g. Early childhood education, promotion of young people, adult education and further training, gerontology, …
  • Media perspectives: e.g. Multimedia, E-Learning, hybrid learning, mobile learning …


  • ongoing: 2018-2019: Projekt MEHEL (Multiple Engagement in Higher Education Learning) (Astleitner)
  • ongoing: 2018-2019: Project DELI2 (Self-assessment and expressive writing and their effects on learning) (Astleitner)
  • ongoing: 2017-2018: Project DELI1 (Minimal instructional support in teacher education courses) (Astleitner)
  • ongoing: § 26 The Learning Cycle Approach and its Implementation in School Education. (Riffert)
  • ongoing:  Subliminal and Supraliminal Information Processing in Perception and Problem Solving (Riffert)
  • ongoing:  A. Personality Development,  B. Parallel Worlds,  C. Research Methods. (Astleitner)
  • ongoing:  “MSS” Module Approach for the Self-Evaluation of School Development Projects (Riffert, Paschon)
  • ongoing: “SBK” Salzburg Observation Concept (Paschon)
  • ongoing: “JKP” Janusz Korczak Project (Paschon)
  • ongoing: “Synergy between Process Philosophy and Elements of Artificial Intelligence in the Field of Learning” (2018-2021), Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (Riffert, invited to participate)
  • 2008-2009: §26-Project – Further Education for Teachers-Online (Astleitner)
  • 2002-2003: Project: Online-Training of Argumentation Competence (Astleitner)


Courses on topics from the field of “Empirical teaching-learning research” are offered both in the Bachelor’s Degree in Education and in the Master’s Study in Educational Science. The detailed up-to-date course program can be found in  PlusOnline.


  • Riffert Franz, Univ.-Prof. (coordinator)
  • Astleitner Hermann, Ao.Univ.-Prof.
  • Hofmann Franz, Ao.Univ.-Prof.
  • Paschon Andreas, Senior Lecturer
  • Eder Sylvia, Senior Lecturer