Studies in Geology

Bild Studium Geologie

The study of geology at the University of Salzburg introduces into structure, characteristics, formation conditions and formation processes of the solid Earth and its components – rocks and minerals – and provides scientific training for the professional fields of geology. In line with this objective and the international spread, there is a total of three-tier university system (Bachelor – Master – Doctor). The study of geology is divided into a six-semester bachelor geology and a four-semester master’s program based thereon Geology.

Contact persons

Chairman of the Curriculum Commission (curriculums): 
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Steyrer
Tel. 0662-8044-5412 
Ass.Prof. Dr. Sylke Hilberg (Deputy chairman) 
Tel. 0662-8044-5465

Information regarding study and study plans: Irene Weinberger
Tel. 0662-8044-5414 
Student Representatives (student counselling, credit issues): 
Tel. 0662-8044-5478