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Chinese Language Course for Beginners

This course can be seen as an introduction to the Chinese language. The focus of the course is to provide basic linguistic knowledge. The course introduces both the Chinese Mandarin phonetic system and the writing system. Course participants practice pronunciation, reading and writing characters, and learn basic grammar skills. Objectives: Students will be able to communicate orally and in writing in Chinese on the following topics: greetings and farewells, information about family members, information about nationality, languages, names, professions, studies, information about place of residence, orientation in the geographical area, numbers (topics are subject to change!).

Chinese Language for Beginners

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Chinese Language Course for Advanced I

The course "Advanced Chinese I" can be seen as a continuation of the previous course. During the semester, the previously acquired grammar and vocabulary are consolidated and expanded. The methodology gives students even more opportunity to improve their oral language skills during class in partner and group work. The topics are related to everyday situations: daily routine, birthday, shopping, dating, studying. Objectives: Students will be able to communicate about prices, times of day, dates & times in Chinese (topics are subject to change!).

Chinesisch 1a

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Chinese Language Course for Advanced II

This language course is concerned with teaching advanced language usage. Students are expected to expand their basic vocabulary in this course in order to be able to deal with important everyday situations in Chinese. There will be additional practice of grammar skills, reading and listening skills in the course. Topics: diseases & doctor’s visit, apartment, house, celebrations, congratulations and good wishes (topics are subject to change!).

Chinesisch 2

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Chinese Language Course for Advanced III

The course "Advanced Chinese III" focuses on topics such as food and meals, campus life, clothes, colors, travel, impressions. In addition, advanced grammar phenomena are systematically explained and supplemented with examples and exercises (topics are subject to change!).

Chinesisch 3

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Chinese Regional and Cultural Studies

The goal of this course is to provide students with an overview of the basic features of history and cultural development, with particular emphasis on the social and political conditions and systems of the target culture. An examination of culture and an intercultural exchange are at the heart of the course. In the free contributions the students can express themselves clearly and present their own opinion in a differentiated way (topics subject to change!).

Chinesisch 4

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Chinese Conversation Course

The Chinese conversation course is designed to deepen and broaden the acquired Chinese knowledge especially in the field of oral communication. Various topics, such as language learning, leisure activities, eating habits, families & marriage, are covered in a variety of ways in the group. Students actively participate in dialogues, discussions and build their oral expression skills in Chinese (topics are subject to change!).

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