Temple of Heaven, Beijing
© ZQ Lee /Unsplash: The Temple oe Heaven, Beijing

The Story behind the Chinese Studies Center

The Chinese Studies Center at the University of Salzburg was founded in 1999 with the aim of deepening cultural relations between Austria and China, in particular between the University of Salzburg and Chinese universities or other educational institutions in China, as well as to support scientific co-operation and projects.
Besides the activities and programs such as language courses, the summer schools, the agorá and the intercultural briefing it offers, the Chinese Studies Center aims, by means of ancillary cultural activities, at fostering a mutual understanding between the people of East Asia and Europe as well as building a bridge between cultures.


The Chinese Studies Center of the University of Salzburg provides through its program

  • Chinese Language Courses
  • Course on Regional and Cultural Studies of China
  • Conversation Course

The Chinese Studies Center conveys with its program of courses

  • Work-orientated additional qualifications for students
  • Work-orientated education and training for employed persons

    The target groups are

  • Students from the whole variety of disciplines from all faculties of the University of Salzburg as well as students of other educational institutions in Austria
  • Teachers of the University of Salzburg and other co-opted educational institutions involved in China-related researach projects
  • Persons, who have interest in Chinese culture and desire to upgrade their education