Course information

The Language Centre offers courses in Japanese of 2 hours per week to acquire basics in the language and to be able to handle everyday communicative situations. 3 ECTS-credits are allocated to these 2-hour-courses.

Course requirements

Min. 80% attendance, active participation, oral and written contributions, assignments, written tests

To the Japanese course

in the

Sprachkurs am Sprachenzentrum

Course level

courses in the winter semester

  • Grundstufe I: Prerequisite: none, target level: A1
  • Grundstufe III: Prerequisite: A1/A1+, target level: A1+

courses in the summer semester

  • Grundstufe II: Prerequisite: A1, target level: A1/A1+
  • Grundstufe IV: Prerequisite: A1+, target level: A1+/A2

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