Austrian sign language

Austrian Sign Language II
Unterasinger W
Course number
Hours per week
2 hrs / 3 ECTS credits
This course is the continuation of “Austrian Sign Language I” from the winter semester. The participants already have basic knowledge of Austrian sign language. The existing basic structures will be expanded further. Participants will also learn to conduct simple conversations and communicate in manageable everyday situations on a variety of topics.
Course material (not included in the course fee)
ÖGS Lehrbuch 1, Österreichische Gebärdensprache – (ÖGS-Textbook 1, Austrian Sign Language) available from: Verband der Gehörlosenvereine im Land Salzburg (Association of deaf societies in the province of Salzburg): Schopperstraße 21, 5020 Salzburg; Tel.: 0662 455150, E-Mail: . Videos will be also used as additional material. Participants need access to Blackboard.
Time and room
Target level
Di, 02.03.2021, 19:15-20:45, * Online Termin *
Course participants will have to make their own videos (for homework) which means they must have the appropriate technical prerequisites and competences.