Course information

We offer courses at 6 different levels in Spanish: 4 courses for basic users (“Grundstufe”) and 2 courses for independent users (“Aufbaustufe”).

  • Each course for basic users comprises of 3 hours a week plus one hour tutorial, an equivalent of 4.5 ECTS-credits.
  • The courses for independent users are 2-hour-courses (i.e. 3 ECTS-credits).

Course requirements

  • min. 70% attendance, active participation, assignments, oral and written contributions, end-term test


To the Spanish courses

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Courses in the winter semester

    • Grundstufe I: Prerequisite: –, target level: A1
    • Grundstufe III: Prerequisite: A1+, target level: A2
    • Aufbaustufe I: Prerequisite: A2+/B1, target level: B1
    • Romanische Sprachen vernetzend erlernen: Prerequisite: B1 (in at least one Romance language), target level: plurilingual competences

Courses in the summer semester

    • Grundstufe II: Prerequisite: A1, target level: A1+
    • Grundstufe IV: Prerequisite: A2, target level: A2+/B1
    • Aufbaustufe II: Prerequisite: B1, target level: B1+

Special course on Romance languages

In addition, we offer in the winter semester a 2-hour course on Romance Languages for those who already have a good knowledge of French, Italian or Spanish (B1 and above) and would like to acquire parallel competences in other Romance languages.

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