MORE-Program Ukraine

Academic year 2022/23

Since the winter semester 2022/23, Ukrainian refugees can attend German courses at the Language Centre free of charge as part of the MORE program. We provide a quota of places for German as second language courses for this purpose. Ukrainian displaced persons can register during the first registration period (for alumni, staff, external participants, MORE students) of the Language Centre.


Summer semester 2022: A1 course for Ukrainian refugees

Due to the developments in the war in the Ukraine, we have set up an additional MORE course for Ukrainian refugees at the beginning of April. The course started on April 4th and ended on June 29th 2022.

Graduates of the MORE course can register for more advanced courses at the Language Centre (as part of the regular course program or MORE program) in the winter semester 2022/23.


Course content and requirements are based on the requirements in the German as second language courses of the Language Centre. The MORE course for Ukrainian refugees is additionally supported by a Ukrainian tutor who (also) provides linguistic guidance. The program also includes an introduction to Blackboard, a library tour with reference to the Language Centre’s self-learning materials, and cooperation with the City of Salzburg’s diversity team ( As part of a “Welcome to Salzburg” event, Team Diversity informed Ukrainian refugees about important services provided by the city.


Cooperation with “Team Diversity” (City of Salzburg)

Team Diversity informed new Salzburg residents about services offered by the city of Salzburg ( On May 13, the Diversity Team invited Ukrainian refugees to a get-together. In the course of an atmospheric celebration, the participants were welcomed by representatives of the city of Salzburg and informed about important services of the city. Guided tours of the palace and the Mirabell Gardens were also on the agenda. A get-together for networking, information and exchange completed the afternoon.


Workshops: How to write application documents in German?

For Ukrainian refugees, two workshops were organized in cooperation with the association “Ukrainian Centre Salzburg” within the framework of the MORE program. They were dedicated to the topic “How to write application documents in German”. The workshops took place on 23.07. and 01.08. in the Unipark and were recieved with a lot of interest.

Direction: Margareta Strasser, with the support of Philip Vigil and Michaela Kögler.

Support services offered by the PLUS

On this page you will find the PLUS support services for Ukrainian students and staff: