Accommodation and meal bookings are separate from conference attendance reservations. Please follow these steps:

  1. Accommodation and Meals Booking: We can start booking rooms and meals now. Every participant should fill in the form s:he recieved by mail and rename it to „F_Name.ods“ where F is the initial of your first name and send it back to me. I will briefly acknowledge that I have received and noted it. The deadline for the submission is the first of March (01.03.2024). Room choices will be distributed according to availability and the order of collection. The spread sheet is pre-filled with the defaults for the full conference except the room choice.  We have a few candidates who announced having to arrive later or to leave earlier. They can adjust their booking accordingly, but we of course strongly encourage all to attend as far as possible to the whole conference. If you book double rooms, please do not forget to mention the second person in your form. The fee which is displayed on the spread sheet is to be paid upon arrival and check-in at the monastery, it can be either done in cash or using standard credit cards. At some stage we will give a list of participants on the webpage. After the deadline we will progress to set up the program.
  2. Conference Participation and Dinner Fee: As mentioned, there will be also an additional attendance fee. The attendence fee covers the rent of the lecture hall, media and coffee breaks and social/cultural event(s) and its height will strongly depend on the number of paying participants and the number of non-paying participants (we will give support in a very few urgent cases were founding possibilities are lacking, please get in contact with us in this matter if you haven’t done so already). In addition, there are also a few potential sponsors. So it might be that the fee finally will be very small, however, currently I give the estimate of 300 €, but it could be likely (much) less.