Laboratory participants:

Group protein separation and mass spectrometric characterization

Group protein crystallography and structural biology

Group peptide synthesis and synthetic protein modifications

Group spectroscopic and biological protein characterization

Group electrodriven microseparations

Analytical Characterization at Sandoz, Kundl, Austria

Life-science mass spectrometry at Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose/Dreieich, USA/Germany



Picture of the members CD Laboratory for Biosimilar Characterization

from back to front:
Lorenz Stock, MSc.
Dr. Hansjörg Toll, Dr. Johann Holzmann
Luigi Grassi, MSc., Prof. Hans Brandstetter
Dr. Gabriele Gadermaier, Prof. Chiara Cabrele, Prof. Hanno Stutz
Sabrina Wildner, MSc:, Julia Fegg, MSc., Martin Samonig, MSc.
Prof. Christian Huber, Dr. Therese Wohlschlager, Iris Wagner
Ines Forstenlehner, MSc.