1st Religious Studies Summer School

Welcome to our first Summer School of the Crossculture Religious Studies Project, which will take place in Salzburg from 1st– 5th August 2022.

During these four days you will hear various different aspects of crossculture religious studies , e.g. ‘Crossculture- a methodical must in Religious Studies?’ or ‘Buddhist–Muslim Relations in Southeast Asia’, from different professors of the participating universities Haifa, Munich, Seoul, Nairobi, Yogyakarta and Salzburg. Religions are global and local phenomena that are deeply connected with tradition, language and culture of certain places. They are also reaching out at the same time to ask timeless questions of the meaning of life, the condition of human existence and ethical implications. Religious Studies, therefore, always has to be intercultural and interdisciplinary. We believe the best way to understand religion is by raising questions and pursuing answers about it with a multiperspective attitude. Religious Studies is and should be a crossculture project. Postcolonial debates have just started to itemize various aspects of this agenda. This summer school and the Crossculture Religious Studies Project are academic arenas, in which we can learn from each other how to understand our world with different perspectives.


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