CurvoBio Workshop 2021: 7.-9. April 2021

Exploring the links between geometry, biology, physics and materials science

Experimental and theoretical evidence indicate that surface curvature plays a role on the behaviour of living objects ranging from cell membranes to single cells to tissues and organs.

We intend to bring together a broad range of scientists interested in exploring the role of geometry on different biological phenomena in Nature. We are looking for participation from a wide range of disciplines ranging from biologists who explore systems in which curvature changes or plays a role in biological processes, to materials scientists who can make and design static and dynamically curved substrates, to mathematicians who can help describe such substrates, and to help understand the implications of geometry on processes on curved surfaces, and physicists who can understand and help model idealised biophysical processes under geometric constraints.



CurvoBio 2021

Barbara Schamberger

MorphoPhysics Group, AG Dunlop

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