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Elsevier survey: PLUS researchers among the top 2%

Another mention of top international research by scientists at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg!

According to a survey by Elsevier on the worldwide evaluation of scientific publication achievements, scientists from the PLUS are once again among the top 2%:

  • Klimesch, Wolfgang, Department of Psychology
  • Blaschke, Thomas Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics ­– Z-GIS
  • Foissner, Wilhelm, Department of Biosciences
  • Perner, Josef, Department of Psychologie
  • Hofmann, Werner, Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials
  • Neubauer Franz, Department of Geographie und Geologie
  • Lehnert, Hendrik
  • Geiger, Charles A., Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials
  • Tenhaken, Raimund, Department of Biosciences
  • Patzner, Robert A., Department of Biosciences
  • Pitzschke, Andrea, Department of Biosciences
  • Hüsing, Nicola, Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials
  • Borgelt, Christian, Department of Mathematics
  • Uhl, Andreas, Department of Computer Sciences
  • Agatha, Sabine, Department of Biosciences
  • Huber, Christian Department of Biosciences

A publicly accessible database of over 100,000 top academics was created using several standardised bibliometric analysis metrics (such as h(m) index, CiteScore (with and without self-citations), author positions, etc.) and incorporating various scientific fields and ongoing professional careers.

Read the whole study here:


Photo: © Luigi Caputo