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Historian receives Paul Rehak Award 2022

Dr Rafał Matuszewski from the Department of Classics (Ancient History) receives the Paul Rehak Award for 2022, awarded by the Lambda Classical Caucus (LCC) of the American Society for Classical Studies.

The prize is awarded annually for outstanding research publications from the last three years that are thematically relevant to the LCC’s work.

Dr Matuszewski has received the prize for his essay “Same-Sex Relations between Free and Slave in Democratic Athens” (published in: “Slavery and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity”, ed. by Deborah Kamen and C.W. Marshall. University of Wisconsin Press 2021).

The winner of the Paul Rehak Award for 2022 was honoured at the award ceremony on 5 January 2022, which was held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological Institute of America.



Dr. Rafal Matuszewski

Paris Lodron University of Salzburg | Department of Classics

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Photo: © University of Salzburg. PLUS | Department of Classics