Recent underwater investigation in Lake Nemi, Italy

Guest lecture by Dr. Emmanuel Nantet from the Department of Maritime Civilisations of the University of Haifa

Wednesday, 25 January 2023 | 18.00 s.t. | Department of Classics | Residenzplatz 1/4, SR. 1.42 | A-5020 Salzburg

Abstract: The lake is especially famous for the two magnificent ships built by Caligula (37-41 CE). Archaeological studies carried out in the comune now focus on various sites around the lake, whether it is the villa to the southwest or the Sanctuary of Diana to the northeast. The prosperity of the site, which was much appreciated by the Roman elites, was based in particular on the agricultural development of the lake that was formed in the crater of a volcano. The water of the lake irrigated its greater surroundings, whose level was controlled thanks to an emissary. Our recent investigation has focused on the wooden embankments of Nemi that have hardly attracted attention. They provide decisive information for tracing the development of the lake in Roman times and for understanding construction techniques in an immersed environment.


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