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Aktuelles Projekt

  • seit Oktober 2019: Doktorandin in Theoretischer Philosophie am FB Philosophie GW. Betreuer: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christopher Gauker. Projekt: „Imagistic Representations for Action“
  • In my doctoral project, I investigate the nature and organization of mental representations in action planning and execution. I am concerned with the interpretation of neuroscientific models for motor control as well as with questions regarding the format and content of representations figuring not only simple actions like lifting a cup, but also skilled activities. My general tenet is that mental imagery plays a key role in intelligent action. If true, this claim will bring about at least two novel results. First, I intend to provide a detailed characterization of perceptual and imagistic representations at each level of action, from intentional decision-making to the fine-grained mechanism of bodily movement. To this purpose, I take a stand on the recently growing literature on imagistic representations, e.g. by introducing my notion of a “backdrop image” as the cognitive inception of action. Second, in view of the envisaged re-organization of action representations, I offer a novel solution to the so-called “Interface Challenge”, namely the problem of how representations of different formats (i.e. propositional and motoric) work together in the planning and performance of action. 

Studium und Werdegang

  • Oktober 2017 – September 2019: Master in Philosophy (KGW), Universität Salzburg
  • September 2014 – Juli 2017: Bachelor in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE), LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome (Italy)
  • Fall Semester 2016/2017: Austauschstudentin an der Higher School of Economics, Moscow (Russia)

Schwerpunkt in Forschung und Lehre

  • Philosophie des Geistes (Mental Imagery, Perception, Action, Skills)
  • Value Theories
  • Politische Philosophie
  • Ethik