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Erich E. Vad is a retired General. Until 2013 he was Military Policy Advisor to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin for many years, Director Security Policy in the Federal Chancellery and Secretary of the Federal Security Council, the highest ranking Security Body of the Federal Republic of Germany. Erich Vad was a Guest Lecturer at the Johns Hopkins University in Bologna and Washington D. C., at the National Defense University in Washington D. C. and today he holds teaching positions at the Universities of Munich and Salzburg. Erich Vad’s career has taken him to the USA, NATO and the EU in Brussels, as well as to the German Ministry of Defence, the Federal Foreign Office, the German Bundestag and the Federal Chancellery. Erich Vad received his Doctorate as a young officer parallel to his service in the Bundeswehr under the supervision of the Israeli Historian Jehuda L. Wallach on today’s impact of Carl von Clausewitz’s concept of strategy. Further information on Erich Vad’s Curriculum Vitae, his publications, press releases and his current activities can be found on his website and