Together with colleagues from the Salzburg Center for European Union Studies (SCEUS) and the Department of History (Dr. Wydra, Dr. Hiebl, Prof. Knoll), Prof. Zoe Lefkofridi promotes equality and inclusion of students through the expansion of digitalisation within the framework of the EU’s Erasmus programme (Erasmus+) through the funded project ENhanced Learning and teaching in International ENvironments (ENLIVEN). The partner universities of this project are the University of Pisa in Italy, Tallinn University in Estonia and NOVA University Lisbon in Portugal, as well as the University of Hamburg and the University of Novi Sad in Serbia. The idea for this project arose in March 2020, when Prof. Lefkofridi, Mag.a Brunnauer and Mag.a Steger met online for the first time within the framework of FGDD – due to the Corona lockdown. They used the unusual circumstances to reflect on how they could gain something positive from the Corona-related digitalisation in order to make the university more inclusive in the future. Students who, for example, are unable to attend courses and lectures due to disability, employment or caring responsibilities, should be given the opportunity to follow those courses from home through digital teaching. This would not only be an advantage for students who cannot actively participate in many courses, but would also be a bonus for the universities themselves, as it would led to an increase in examinations resulting from digitalisation. Mag.a Steger, head of the FGDD, is in charge of implementing the project.